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HAZWOPER Certification

HAZWOPER Certification

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Here at Creation World Safety, we are committed to providing the best training and safety courses for employees, employers and corporate businesses seeking certification in various areas. Whether you want to enhance your personal certification portfolio or want your business to stay abreast with Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, we are the safety professional specialists for you. Offering experience with safety programs, loss prevention audits and a vast knowledge base with industry requirements, we take the time to ensure that you are properly trained and educated on top of making sure that your company safety programs meet industry requirements.


The dumping of hazardous waste poses a serious threat on our environment and can cause fires and pollution of air, water and land. Also, it can cause significant safety and health problems to those who are exposed to it. Because of the severity of this situation, the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response standard (HAZWOPER) was developed to protect workers at hazardous sites. This program outlines the minimum training requirements for any individual working with, around or in any environment that can potentially expose you to hazardous waste.

Requirements To Become HAZWOPER Certified

A HAZWOPER certificate is required for any person working in an environment where various amounts of hazardous waste may be encountered. Our courses comply with OSHA regulations. Depending on the amount of exposure, there are different levels of training. The requirements are as follows:

  • 40 hours of training/certification – for anyone working where uncontained, uncontrolled hazardous waste is present. Training includes 40 hours of classroom and hands on training with equipment.
  • 24 hours of training/certification – for anyone whose duties include visiting an area with hazardous waste is present. Training and certification consists of 24 hours of classroom instructions including one day of field instruction.
  • 8 hour refresher class – annual course required to maintain certification. This class is only required for those who have already taken the HAZWOPER 24/40 course.
  • First Responder – for emergency personnel, firefighters and police officer responding to emergencies in hazardous areas.

Any company that allows such work practices without HAZWOPER certification can face heavy fines from OSHA.

HAZWOPER Certification Training Class Curriculum

It is very important to get HAZWOPER certified. The class curriculum for this certification consists of the following:

  • HAZWOPER Elements and Safety Program
  • Effects of Biological and Radiological Exposures
  • PPE Program and Use of PPE
  • And Much More

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