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OSHA 10 HOUR: Course Outline

Employee Safety Training Courses At Creation World Safety

Creation World Safety is a consulting safety firm that provides businesses with safety training and certification courses for employees. Our qualified safety specialists give effective training for your employees on first aid and CPR certification, fire safety, forklift training, and more. OSHA 10 is one of our premier safety training courses that we offer to entry-level employees at an affordable cost.

What Is OSHA 10?

OSHA 10 is a general awareness course designed to provide entry-level workers to recognize and prevent hazards in a general industry and construction environment. Our Outreach Training Programs are divided into two categories: Construction Industry and General Industry.

The Construction Outreach Program focuses on providing basic training to construction workers on how to identify hazards within a construction site. Within our course, we will focus and train your employees on the following:

  • Hazard identification
  • How to control, prevent and avoid hazards.
  • Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Health Hazards.
  • Lifesaving Equipment
  • Electrical, Tools and Fall Protection within a construction zone.

The General Outreach Program is similar in training with the Construction Program. General Industry safety specialists will train employees in the following areas:

  • Blood Pathogens
  • Walking and Working Surfaces.
  • Hazard Communication.
  • Handling Hazardous Material.
  • Emergency Action and Fire Prevention Plans.
  • Industrial Hygiene.

Who benefits From OSHA 10?

OSHA 10 benefits both entry-level employees and employers. Safety education will help prevent accidents and injuries, which in turn, will benefit the business as a whole in the following ways:

  • More efficient workers with better morale.
  • Higher and improved quality of work.
  • Fewer lost man hours.
  • Workers compensations, operating costs, and insurance premiums will be less.

How Long Will It Take To Complete OSHA?

Our safety-training course is 10 hours. The course is split into two five-hour classes.

How Do I Become Certified?

Testing will be administered immediately after the training is complete. To become certified, you must pass with a 70%, or better. A Certification of Completion will be given once the test is successfully administered.

Where Do I Get Trained?

We offer both onsite and offsite training.

Contact Us To Begin Our Safety Training Course To Become Certified!

Contact us to schedule your OSHA 10 training and certification at (310) 538-1297 today. You can also contact us at www.creationsafety.com or email us at mark@creationsafety.com. Our safety specialists are dedicated to working with you to get you properly trained and certified in the most efficient and effective manner. Call us today to start your training tomorrow!

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